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i am soo saddened that i found your music after you have left this earthly plane of existence; but, i am sure your music will live on here and in heaven; what a great inspiration for any who get the chance to listen!
February 21 2012 - NH

I'm so sad that I discovered you and your video so late :c you shall be in a better place right now !! you seem you lived life to the fullest, true inspiration!
February 12 2012

I've recently found your video on youtube and it's exciting; Your will to play and to create beautiful music for people really inspiring; Thank you, Jerrie; Rest in Peace
December 9 2011 - Kiev, Ukraine

I know you are rocking in heaven now; Thank you for sharing you talent with everyone; You are an inspiration Jerrie!
November 13 2011 - Guatemala

Found your video on Youtube; AWESOME; Thank you for the smiles;
October 23 2011 - castle rock, CO; USA

Chuck Barrett
Keep Rockin" You make me Believe"
May 27 2011 - NYC, NY USA

Marcello Sarti
Unfortunately I found videos about this wonderful lady only few days ago but I was so impressed!!! I have my father who is 67 and plays with me in a Pink Floyd tribute band and I hope he will have the same career; All my love to you, Miss Jerrie; I imagine now you are jamming with all the other legendary drummer;
October 11 2010 - Castiglione Olona, Varese, Italy

Melissa Wissing
Sorry I never got the chance to meet you! RIP Great, Great, Aunt Jerrie
May 20 2010 - Dubuque, Iowa

Cory & Barb
An amazing woman gone too soon; We'll miss you always; We love you aunt Jerrie;
May 15 2010 - OC, CA

candye kane
so sad to hear about youre leaving us jerrie! you were a gem from beginning to end; love to you always; xox
May 14 2010 - oceanside, california

Bryan Sorvillo
Love you Aunt Jerrie!!!! All of us are going to miss you a lot! Rest in Peace
May 13 2010

Salvador Gutierrez
All I can say is wow! You are an inspiration; I hope I am having that much fun and still playing music when I am your age; Keep it up!
January 23 2010 - San Lorenzo, California

Kathryn Ruth
Jerrie Thill, I came across your music video when I was looking for a "Drummer Chick" Tshirt; I skipped the Tshirt; You made my day; My week; More than that; I'm a 33-year old drummer chick architect of a gal; I'm pleased to have had your gift of a story pass my way; Be well! Thanks for sharing yourself!
November 21 2009 - South Bend, IN

margaret lemberg
i have the video "Hey Jerrie" on my favorites and watch it often--when i need to smile
November 19 2009 - seattle, wa

Melissa Wissing
Jerrie, My name is Melissa Wissing I am your great niece here from Dubuque, Iowa; Daughter of Bob Wissing and grandaughter of Marcie Wissing; My brother came across your website! Although we've never met I have heard a lot about you! Hope to hear back from you!
November 2 2009 - Dubuque, IA

Michael Rosenboom
Jerrie, I love your video clip; Your chops are nice and smooth too; We gotta Thank Candye Kane turning me on to you;
October 10 2009 - Bend Oregon USA

Thank you for inspiring me to become a drummer, Jerrie!
September 22 2009 - Toronto, Ontario Canada

wow; it's great to see someone so happy to drum for everyone; great spirit-lifter!
September 19 2009 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

margaret lemberg
I watch Allee's video of Jerrie Thill's life at least once a day--makes me smile and lifts my heart;
September 12 2009 - Seattle, WA USA

Came across your video accidentally but I am sure glad I did; You are an inspiration; Music is wonderful and you look like you are having so much fun; Enjoyed the video a lot;
September 7 2009 - CT, USA

Cassandra Buckner
I heard about you on 100;7 The Tiger here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; I had to look you up and watch your videos; What an awesome thing to be doing still at 91 years of age; You are awesome and I am very happy to see you enjoying your life; I sit with a 91 year old woman everyday, and it is such a blessing;
August 25 2009 - Denham Springs; Louisiana

My cousin sent me your video and message - you are an inspiration to everyone; Loved your song!!!!
August 23 2009 - Indianapolis, IN - USA

D'Laine Dary
Hey Jerrie, checked out the video, fantastic;wish I'd met you when Kellie was alive; Keep in touch!!!!! love, D'Laine (Kellie Greene's neice)
August 11 2009 - Janesville, Wisconsin

Michael Joyce
Jerrie, I was thrilled to find you on the internet! I have been drumming for 15 years and you are an inspiration; Thank you!
June 21 2009 - Alexandria, Virginia

You are wonderful;
May 12 2009

Dan Matus
I work with this guy Charlie white and he told me that I had to check out his aunt you are AWESOME !!!! Benn spreading the word; good luck !!! Hope to meet you someday
April 29 2009 - Chicago IL

Nancy Marzo Costantino, VCA 1949
Hi, Jerry; I remember when you played for our school's reunion in 2005; You were great; Glad I found your web site; Been talking with Donna, she keeps up up-to-date; Really love your video;
April 20 2009 - Costa Mesa, CA

Mary Ungs-Sogaard
Hi Jerri - I am the daughter of Ed and Julie Ungs of Luxemburg - mom tells me that you are dad's cousin, that your grandma was an Ungs from Luxemburg; I lived awhile in Boston and then in Europe as my husband is Danish, but we then moved to Iowa some years ago and now I am a newspaper publisher in the Dubuque area; A writer from our company wrote a little piece about you and linked to your YouTube video - I loved that! Wanted to say hello and introduce myself;
March 2 2009 - Iowa

Jerrie; Wow, what can i say?!?! Drumming longer than most people live; It proves that music and passion is the key to longevity; Keep slappin them skins! I am now a fan!
February 24 2009 - Ontario canada

Jerrie I LOVE you!! You are one hot mama and you still got "it"! It was an absolute pleasure to find your video, I think I've played it at least 20 times in the last 2 days; When I hear your drumming I just get up and groove (and at my age my groove is kinda worn out)! You give me hope and make me smile; God bless you Jerrie, keep playing!! Much Love, Colleen
February 12 2009 - Portland Oregon 97213

Stuart Falconer
I think you're a tremendous person to continue doing what you do; Many people could learn something from you're attitude; Keep on raising those sticks; Go Girl Go!
February 7 2009 - Hucknall, Nottingham, GB

Brie C;
Wow! I am soooo impressed!!! People half your age are not half as ambitious; You are an inspiration!
February 6 2009 - Los Angeles, Ca;

I have known you for how many years and didn't even know you had a page! how awesome! love ya!
December 9 2008 - Orange County, CA

Fr; Dale Rausch
HI Jerrie, Better late than never, but I finally got on; I hope you get this message; We were to Gay Mills WI yesterday as it was a beautiful day; Now is is cold and rainy and slows down the harvest; I teach class tonight so there is always something; We will keep in contact; BlessingsFrDR
October 22 2008 - West Union, Iowa

Jo-Ann Mercurio

Michelle Gabel
Hi - I found your site doing research on The Burke Sisters who are my aunts; They toured with Husk O'Hare in 1931 - 1933 and did broadcasts from the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago; Did you ever hear of them?
August 5 2008 - Houston, TX

Beverly Leeds
I was just checking the schedule at El Cid's and realized I missed you yesterday~!! You have always been a very special part of our family, when we met I was just a little girl and you were best friends with my Granny~! Well, now this October I am going to be the GRANNY~! Keep in touch, miss you~! XOXO
August 4 2008 - Simi Valley, CA

Jeanne Wms
What wonderful times and memories over the years; Didn't we have fun!
July 21 2008 - Tujunga

I want to be still playing like you in my golden yrs; You are my proof that age is really just a number if you do what you love;
July 11 2008 - North Hollywood,CA

Mark Buchanan
Jerrie, I was surfing Doria Biddle's website and came across a picture of you; I went to your website and I'm glad that I did; What a refreshing take on life you have; I'm 45 and you have 3 times the energy that I have; LOL; I need to adopt your signature song "When you're smiling"; LOL;
July 11 2008 - Memphis, Tennessee

John Barrett Thill
I was surfing and came upon your page; How inspirational it has been; Just wondering if we are related, My grandmother was Ann Jamka from chicago, IL;
July 2 2008 - Hammond, IN

Mary Dolan
I'd love to know when you'll be performing again so I can come see you!
April 30 2008 - San Diego

It was wonderful meeting you in person, wish you lots more years of playing some jazzy tunes;
April 22 2008 - Burbank CA

Anna Fisher
Jerrie Thill it was a divine pleasure to sit with you and Karen Hernandez at Lady Jazz Kickin' Brass last night; Looking forward to sitting in with you this Sunday, Sept 30 at El Cid; Will never forget your past performance and honorary celebration in Lady Jazz; Hope I have half your energy when I'm 90! One Love PEACE Please Educate All Children Everywhere Anna Fisher aka Oboelady
September 29 2007 - Los Angeles, CA

Brooks Almy(your wrong number!)
I so loved meeting you and hearing you on Sunday; Next time I'm bringing a crowd; You rock!!! Carol Marty and Johnny are pretty fabulous as well
August 27 2007 - Glendale CA

Doria Biddle
Happy Birthday, Jerrie!
April 16 2007 - LA, CA;

Leta Lambert
Hi Jerrie, It was so nice to meet and talk with you and Johnnie Wed; night at El Cid; Please let me know when the cd release party is, I would love to join the celebration! And remember, if you need a GOOD massage therapist, I am YOUR woman! XO
February 22 2007 - Los Angeles, California, USA

Greg Houle
Hi Jerrie! Was great meeting you last Sunday at the Cid! PLEASE let me know when the CD Release Party will be; I'd love to attend! Please find my email below;
Greg Houle
August 4 2006 - Los Angeles, CA

RUSS AIMZ (singer/songwriter - debut album
Hi Jerrie, i hope you guy's enjoyed visiting my russaimz;com website and you're very welcome to come back and visit again sometime;
May 15 2006 - Melb, Vic, Australia

Bobbi Jordan
Jerrie Hi! just wanted to thank you for the great Easter Afternoon you and the ladies gave me and my family; See you next Sunday
April 17 2006 - Sunland Ca;

Mark Mandell
It was such a pleasure(and real privilege)to meet Jerrie when I tuned her piano last month just before she said she was on her way to New Orleans; So energetic, so enthusiastic! A one of a kind person, God bless you!
January 28 2006 - Sherman Oaks, Ca; USA

Nikki Charlene Robbins
Hi Auntie Jerrie; We are all so proud of you; All the way from big Anthony Robbins down to my twin great granddaughters in Idaho; I'm watching the mail; Be seeing you at El Cid soon; Love, Nikki Charlene
October 2 2005 - Simi Valley, CA 93063

Carol Macksoud
Hi Jerrie, We all still love you like it was 1980s You are the best Auntie I have ever had; We will come see you at El Cid; Love, Carol
October 2 2005 - Simi Valley, CA USA

Jennifer Derscheid
jerrie has been my adopted grandmother for 20 years; There is no other inspiration in my life as strong as she; It has been so wonderful to have her as part of my life; her music and deep determination is a gift to all of us who have the pleasure of knowing her and watching her perform; I love you grandma Jerrie;
September 19 2005 - ojai, california

Jerrie -- I am so glad to have met you; You are such an inspiration to me and Emily, as well as a loving friend; I treasure you; XOX
June 5 2005 - N; Hollywood, CA

Gino and Kelly McGowens
Hey Grandma! It was so nice to see you; Cameron is going to be so inspired to learn drums from talking to you; Cori can't wait to see you perform; You keep on keeping on; We love you;
April 20 2005 - Inglewood, CA;

Monica F
Miss You;;;
Much Love;
April 17 2005 - CA

from your #1 nephew JAMES SULLIVAN STEPHAN
March 29 2005 - SHINGLE SPRINGS, C;A; U;S;A

Richie Stephan
I'd just like to say how proud I am to be named the Godson of this wonderful Diva of a Woman; She is in my thought's every day; I wish that I had half the talent of her little toe; I will see you soon Auntie Jer;
-Love Richie
February 3 2005 - Sacramento, Ca; The U;S;A;

Nora and Julian
Hi Jerrie - great talking to you the other day; You are having so much fun!Keep it going, we love you;
January 9 2005 - La Mirada CA

Bryan, Eric, Tim
hey aunt Jerrie we are really proud of you;;the website is awsome; Keep on rockin'
your favorite nephews
December 28 2004

Monte Montgomery

Hey, thanx for the 2 snapshots I got in the mail today! Now I have proof that I performed with THE ONE AND ONLY!

Claire sez hi --

October 23 2004 - Los Angeles

Jay Smith (Jerrie's attorney)

Thanks to you, we've been smilin' for many years; The fact that so many of the pictures in our albums feature you, Barbara and Natalie (as well as newer El Cid friends) shows what an important - and fun - part of our life you have been and continue to be; Just don't forget us all now that you are nipping the heels of stardom; With much love, Jay;
July 28 2004 - Santa Monica, California

Jennifer & Jewel
Hi Jerrie, love the website! You are such a beautiful lady and we enjoy talking to you at church; God Bless you;
Jennifer (Usher) & jewel
July 18 2004 - North Hollywood, ca

Doria Biddle
I leave town for a second and look what happens;;;Jerrie gets a web page!

I miss you, Jerrie; I'll come by the El Cid as soon as I'm back in LA!

July 1 2004 - New York, NY

John, Ann, Nicole and Tim
Love the website! Congratulations! You are one amazing lady! We're proud to have you as our "Matriarch";
June 30 2004 - Anahiem, CA

T; M; Patton
i like your new web site; miss u much, and will see u soon; talk to u later
June 25 2004 - new orleans, la

Monte Montgomery
Hey Jerrie:

I REALLY dug playing with you and Stacy Rowles today! Remember, when in doubt, just hop on a mellow riff and ride it on out;

June 21 2004 - Los Angeles

Enoch Augustus Scott
You're an inspiration Jerrie; Jackie O; Hollywood says hello and he misses you in Vegas;
June 20 2004 - Vegas Baby

You are the greatest roomate anyone could have; I wish that I could still live there to experience all the people and music in your life; Love: MH
June 20 2004 - Jacksonville, FL

The Haighty Bunch
We are all very,very proud of you! We know that this is just a stepping stone into a new beginning; You are inspirational and amazing! Keep on drumming!!!
June 20 2004 - Jacksonville, FL

Mona & Melissa
Hi Jerrie; We are friends of Ann & Marj; I am sure you have heard of us from those two! We have heard all about you as well and maybe we all can get together sometime; I am trying to track down Thursday's article for Ann but so far no luck; If you have anyway for me to try or you can e-mail me something I may be able to print out;;;that would be great; Anyway;;thanks for your time; Look forward to hearing from you; Our best;;;Melissa
June 19 2004 - Temecula, CA

april brooks
hi its your best friends in south orange county,hope to come see you sometime with my other half& other friends,keep you posted;
June 14 2004 - capistrano beach

You are still a beauty, inside and out, with the talent to go with it; This is from one of your biggest fans; Keep hittin' those drums;
June 4 2004 - North Hollywood, CA

Jack Heywood
"An extraordinary woman", "beyond belief talent", I'm proud to have worked for me at El Cid-Hollywood for over 18 years!
May 29 2004 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Laura Dayton
What a great site! I'm looking forward to seeing many more pictures on here and hopefully some stories; You are truly an amazing woman; One I'm proud to call my "Grandma";

May 28 2004 - Placentia, CA USA

Emily Patton
From your adopted daughter and grandson, will wonders never cease? Miss you much; Keep on keeping on;
May 27 2004 - Thibodaux, LA

Shirley & Vince
Well, you finally made it to the 21st centurty; Congratulations
May 26 2004


Johnny LaLa &Summer Rose
Thank you so very much;;;You have done us proud and we look forward to much more to come;;;JERRIE ROCKS!!!!!!!! Keep Jazz alive
May 26 2004 - Los Angeles,Calif;USA

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